Massive Collection Tattoo Design

Tattoos are an ancient form of body art. For centuries, people of varied cultures have been indulging in this form of art. Tattooing one’s body is a very personal form of artistic expression. It is eternal, and is always close to that person, on his/her body.

Lotus tattoos are also said to be associated with life and blossoming, or maturity, but no matter what a woman’s reason for getting a lily tattoo is, they will always be a sexual, forgiving, and a very exciting image.

The lotus, along with the rose, has to be the most popular type of flower tattoo you can get. The lotus flower designs all contain lots of symbolism – they are usually associated with religious themes and creation. They are a symbol of beauty on earth, as well as purity.

Bug tattoos are popular nowadays, especially among the female population. This is partly due to the fact that these images can be cute and brightly colored, but that isn’t the whole story. After the success of the movie ‘Spiderman’; ‘spider’ is turning out to be a popular bug tattoo. Beatles are also a popular form of bug tattoos and they are relatively acceptable. There are other bugs too, but the more frightening they get, less socially acceptable they become.

Bugs are a pretty interesting tattoo idea, especially if you are looking for a small but very eye catching tattoo design that is colorful and alive, however many people choose to enlarge the bug design and create a mammoth monster bug tattoo piece.


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