Pacman Tattoo Designs

Pac-Man is a classic game and always will be. It’s right up there with Tetris. If there had been rewards like Game of the Year, Most Addictive, etc. back in the day, it would have won them. There are some die-hard fans that still love playing this game from 1980, and then there are some really die-hard fans that get it inked on their body. Here are some of the latter.

We have to start with the most famous one. It’s quite possibly NSFW and awesome. According to BMEZine it was done by Erik Rieth at Seventh Son Tattoo in San Francisco, CA over 3 years ago.

Some people just really love Pacman, and I mean love him enough to get a NSFW geeky tattoo of the classic video game right on their butt. Like the gaming fan who showed their love for Ms. Pacman with the Pacman Head Tattoo, this one may not one everyone to see it, but the question makes me wonder who would see it?

We run across crazy gamers that love to profess their love for their favorite games in many different ways, and this Pacman Butt Tattoo is one of those crazy ways. The only reason this is titles NSFW is because of some who may want a warning to such designs, but overall it is like the NSFW Women Pixel Art which do not show too much.

This Pacman tattoo found at Carcino shows the yellow guy being chased by the red ghost and seems to be going towards a dead end (no pun intended..but given anyways). As soon as the few dots remaining end, there is no way to cross the bridge and get to the other side towards the cherry or the power boost.


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