Top 10 Fastest and most Powerful Motorcycles in the World

Ten fastest and most powerful motorcycles in the world. Average cruising speed of jet aircraft is about 950 kilometers per hour, which is only a thirty percent larger than reported in the data sheet of the most powerful motorcycle in Tomahawk. Just the thing, planes fly, and the bikes - no. Producers are after record-breaking results, because there are people who want all the same-thing. For the extreme limits of permitted lie on the edge of the possible, otherwise how to explain the dispersal of two-wheeled iron horse to a point five hundred miles an hour.

01. Dodge Tomahawk

Four-wheel bike accelerates to 97 miles per hour in 2.5 seconds. If you forget about the counter-resistance, then, according to the developers, the bike will be able to develop 640 kilometers per hour. True, this is only theoretical value, which is taken from the real parameters of the power plant: 8.3-liter ten-cylinder and 500 hp
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