What Breed and Mustache Say About You

16 Circle Beard

What This Says About You: That you like the idea of having facial hair, but you’re not really willing to commit completely to the idea. You’re fairly middle of the road, probably pretty boring and there’s a good chance you at least dabble with the acoustic guitar.

Typical Quote: “Kurt Cobain was just so, like, you know, wounded. Say, why don’t you take off your shirt while we rap some more?”

Experimentation is a part of becoming a man. I mean haven’t you ever wondered what it would feel like to have those coarse wiry hairs dangling all over your lips or to have that ultimate symbol of manliness spread all over your face, keeping you warm during those cold, cold nights? Yes, growing a beard is a rite of passage for every man. Wait… what did you think I was talking about? But you should all know that whenever you decide to experiment with facial hair you are making a statement to the world, whether you realize it or not. And because we care about you and what you choose to spread all over your face, we here at Guyism have decided to give you all a helping hand on your road to manhood (Not that kind of hand. Not this time, anyway…) with this helpful guide, which explains what these 16 different types of facial hair say about you. 15 more after the break...

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