Top 10 Ideas to Celebrate Your Anniversary

Although it seems by stereotype that men are notoriously forgetful of anniversaries and women seem very much the opposite, if you are a couple, an anniversary is indeed a milestone worth celebrating. You can take the opportunity to show your partner how much you love him/her, and more importantly, value him/her. Relationships are not something automatic. Even if you love each other very much, there still are some things you have to work on nurturing. It can be a task thinking up someway to make it special, more special than the routine dinner date. These top ten ideas may be of help.

01. A Nighttime picnic

This could be a romantic experience past comparison. You just have to find a suitable spot with a beautiful view. Pack the picnic basket full of special goodies like chocolates, wine, champagne, hot chocolate, cookies and other ‘romantic’ food. Let the locale handle the rest. 09 more after the break...
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