Top 10 Goalkeepers of all Time

Literally the last man standing in the team in a game of football, the goalkeeper has a seminal position in any football match. He is the last limit of defense in a team against the opponent team, and if he fails, all fails. The skill set of a goalkeeper is simply wide, from timing, to coordination of body, superb reflexes, communication, and perfection in timing and angles.

Let us look at the following list of top ten goalkeepers in football. Like all lists in this blog that involve a controversial matter, there is no specific order. Feel free to take your grievances, if any, to the “comments” section.

01. Julio Cesar de Espindola

Julio Cesar de Espindola is from Brazil, and plays as goalkeeper in the Internazionale MIlano of the Itaian Serie A. He is the first choice as goalkeeper for the national team Brazil, ad has won the international cap fifty three times. The IFFHS felicitated Julio Cesar as the best goalkeeper, as well as Serie A Goalkeeper of 2009. 09 more after the break...
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