10 Largest Countries Without Railroads

These are all countries with large areas of low population density. Except for Libya, Oman and Iceland, these are among the poorest countries in the world. Low population density or poverty, or both, are the main reasons for non-existent railway system.

10. Bhutan
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21 percent of the Bhutanese rural households have to walk from one to four hours to the nearest all-season road, and another 21 percent have to spend more than half a day.

Area:          38.394 sq km (14,824 sq mi)
Population:  708 427 inhabitants
Until 1961, because of the lack of paved roads, travel in Bhutan was by foot or on muleback or horseback. The 205-kilometer (130 mi) trek from the Indian border to Thimphu took six days. Today, transport in Bhutan comprises approximately 8,000 kilometres (5,000 mi) of roads and two airports, but no railroad. In 2005 the King of Bhutan and Indian Prime Minister agreed to carry out a feasibility study for rail links. In 2009, the new King of Bhutan finalised a plan to build a 11-mile (18 km) Indian gauge rail link funded by India.
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