Top 10 Celebrities Unexpected Hobbies

It seems when celebrities aren’t doing their thing in the limelight, they’re busy doing something else that will lead to them returning to said limelight as swiftly as possible.  Whether that’s talking extensively about tiger blood or working on their next project depends on the celeb in question and their mental wellbeing, but surely there is more to life?  Everyone needs a hobby… And hobbies they have!  In their precious downtime, there are more than a few celebs who like to do a little collecting.  While there are some fairly regular behaviors out there, as you’d expect the a-list can’t be satisfied by being just like everyone else, oh no.  Here are the 

10. Rodstewart — Railroad

 “Do you think I’m sexy?” Not really, now I know you have a penchant for model railways.  Obviously collecting toy trains isn’t that crazy.  Nevertheless, being Rod Stewart and collecting model trains does strike one as bizarre.  Surely he should be entertaining super models and forcefully projecting raspy odes of affection about a girl named Maggie May?

The thing is, Rod isn’t alone when it comes to rock stars with less than rocking pastimes.  Apparently Ronnie Wood collects stamps (what a cliché) and, although not a collection, Alice Cooper has long loved nothing more than a round of golf, a fact he kept hidden during the heights of his snake-based antics. Link
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