12 Coolest Facts About Dreams

Dreams have always intrigued us since time immemorial. It is also said there were specific dream interpreters in the courts of kings in early civilizations. However, in the 1800s the father of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud and subsequently, his successor Carl Jung, revolutionized the world of dreams. Since then a lot has been studied in this field but dreams astound us with varied meanings and interpretations every time we witness them. Some of the most interesting facts about dreams in the trailing paragraphs are sure to take one by surprise.

01. While dreaming we become temporarily paralyzed.

Not many of us are aware that we become temporarily paralyzed in the dream state. This can be attributed to the fact that sometimes we may be so moved with certain dramatic dreams as to fall and hurt ourselves, thus, as a natural response the body goes into a temporary inactive state physically. 11 more after the break...

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