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Girls Sleeve Tattoos

These days girls are getting bigger and bigger tattoo designs and one of the hottest and most popular locations to get a feminine cute and sexy tattoo design that is both big and bold is the sleeve tattoo. There are tons of women searching and trying to get great looking girl tattoo sleeve designs. Here are some of the top ideas.








Tattoo Sleeve Designs

A sleeve tattoo is considered as one of the most visible tattoos. Sleeve tattoos are now getting more popular, especially among those who play in rock bands (or those who dream of playing in rock bands). Guys are not just the only ones getting this kind of tattoo design, but women are also into this type of tattoo. Sleeve designs that wrap around the upper arm, spanning the shoulder to the elbow are referred to as half-sleeve tattoos. Designs that wrap around the arm and extend all the way down to the wrist are known as full-sleeve tattoos.

The designs may vary, though, depending on your taste in tattoos. Sleeve designs, being the most visible, should be created carefully. You have to do some research, think of the design and the effect you want carefully before getting inked.

Some of the common sleeve tattoos include:

* Japanese tattoo sleeve designs

Japanese art is truly extraordinary. Their designs are not just distinctively beautiful, but they are meaningful as well. Among the most famous designs are the Koi Fish tattoo, sleeve designs of Dragons and the Traditional Samurai design.

* Tribal Tattoo sleeve designs

These designs are mostly preferred by guys who want more masculine designs. Also, if guys want to use flower designs, they usually do it by blending the flower in a tribal tattoo sleeve design to make the effect more masculine. The tribal design can help you make a bold statement because of its heavy black color.

* Celtic Tattoo sleeve designs

The intricate design of the knot work of the Celtic cross is usually featured in this kind of tattoo. A knotwork usually covers the whole arm, and some artists create different designs by just using the knotwork making it more intricately unique.

When getting a tattoo, it is helpful to choose an existing design as a first step. Then, you can add some other details to this design later to make it your own. Let your creative side loose and express your inner persona. This type of body art is indeed one of most creative ways to express your "true" self.





































































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