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Agnes Monica Hot and Cool Celebrity

Agnes Monica, born in July 1st 1986 is a stunning young actress from Indonesia. In Indonesian, she is known as a talented teenage. She can dance, sing and acting.

But here i am going to talk about her outside Indonesia image and impression. Before making this post i met with my friends in numbers they were 70. I asked the same questions to them. Do you know Agnes Monica? out of 70 people 58 replied yes i know. then i moved to my next question what you like in Agnes?

Now in reply to my question the weighted replies were mix of two words that was she is "Hot and Cool".

Therefore on the basis of my direct research i decided to publish a post about Agnes Monica with this title "Hot and Cool" but i found a difficulty while making this post because it was very tough to find very recent and new photos of her. As i love to post about Agnes Monica so if there is any visitor to my blog who can help me to get good image stuff of Agnes Monica then do let me know through your comment or you can email me on I would be really grateful for your visit to my blog and helping me out for my future posts about one of the "Hot and Cool" celebrity of this world. We love you all Agnes.


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